Download Havij 1.17 Pro Cracked Version

Posted in Hacking, SQL Injection, Windows by franx47 on February 27, 2013

Good night,

There are lot of ppl looking for Havij 1.17 Pro cracked version. And here I just found the download link from:

It seems the file has just been uploaded on 24 Feb 2013.

Download and save it in your comp. Don’t forget to check the RAR file to or scan it first using your antivirus/malware program.

Result from shows almost all antivirus vendors consider it as a bad software. This may be normal (false-positive) as Havij is one of advanced SQL injection tool or could be really has a trojan injected script in it.

There also found from torrent, here’s the link:

But, it seems the download process didn’t work at all or maybey there’s no seeder.

I dont use this tool for SQL injection, I prefer using SQLMap (built with Python).

Just be careful with your comp.


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